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March 16


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Being a true rebel is...

• Not caring about looking feminine and being able to say "No, the lady will have a steak because the lady has not eaten anything since 10 a.m. this morning” when you are dining at a posh restaurant and your date goes “…and the lady will have the Caesar salad”.

• Not caring about looking masculine and crying all the way through “Hachiko – A Dog’s Story”.

• Admitting you can get hurt, not bothering to hide your sadness when you get hit from the blind side but giving no quarter to self-pity or to the people who hurt you once you are done with that sadness.

• Meeting kings and queens and remaining nonchalant and calm like you just ran into a regular friend on the street.

• Knowing there is a deeper truth to people other than the titles and the paychecks they carry and making an effort to truly get to know someone.

• Walking on the street on a regular Monday morning looking like you just got off the stage from a Cirque du Soleil performance but showing up at a fancy cocktail with jeans and a t-shirt if you did not feel like dressing up.

• Laughing. Not smiling. Laughing till you choke out of breath and there are rivers of tears running down your face. Knowing that every laughter that comes your way is precious, not caring about looking cool and going “BAWHUAHHAHAHHA” when you hear something truly funny.

• Having self-worth and trying to look your best but also having other important stuff to do other than spending every waking hour bitching about how you would really like to look like a runway model.

• Knowing money should have nothing to do with your self-worth, being able to say “I cannot afford to buy that right now” when you should and giving the middle finger to anyone and everyone who thinks the idea of being able to enjoy life with a long walk and a simple warm cup of coffee is stupid.

• Admitting love can hurt, not trying to put on a brave face after an ugly break-up and resisting the urge to take out all of your anger of betrayal on the next person that walks into your life.

• Being the boring, calm person when everyone is losing their collective shit but knowing how to take one for the team when the going gets rough and nobody wants to be the ‘bad guy’.

• Knowing that jealousy is a very human experience, not hiding from yourself when you realize you are jealous of someone but never letting that jealousy turn into bitterness or hate.

• Knowing that being alive and living is enough reason to be a little screwed up in the head, not trying to change people and accepting them with all their cracks and loose screws.

• Keeping a polite, easy manner around people but having no second thoughts about going supernova when you are pushed to your final limits.

• Being absolutely and completely OK with your own sexuality – whether it is being gay, bisexual or choosing to remain a virgin for the rest of your life.

• Not waiting around for your talent to be discovered, raising your voice high and shouting “I am here!” when nobody bothers to look your way.

• Not feeling the necessity to ‘look the part’ when you have the self-confidence of knowing you can ‘do the part’.

• And finally, going “Who the hell is this presumptuous asshole that tries to tell me how to be a rebel! I ain’t gonna take no class from anyone on how to act!” when you see a list entitled “How to be a rebel”.

Being a rebel is something much more that putting on a black leather jacket, aviator glasses and having Skid Row blasting through the speakers. It is a state of mind that anyone can have regardless of how they look, what they listen to and what they put on. It is an attitude of refusing your factory settings, not giving in to the common wisdom and figuring out your own life for yourself. Girls with pony tails and gentlemen with bow-ties would not come up when you search ‘rebel’ on the Google images but you never know who is a true rebel. In fact, ponytails and bow-ties sometimes make the best rebels of all.

But then again, some cool aviator shades and a black leather jacket would not hurt too. Just saying.
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ColonelBSacquet Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
"not giving in to the common wisdom"

What's so bad about it ?
ColonelBSacquet Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
"choosing to remain a virgin for the rest of your life"

Well, let us hope not too many will do that.
Otherwise, we're all doomed.
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